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Welcome to Energy Transportation, Incorporated. We are a Crane, Rigging and Heavy-Haul service company based out of Casper, Wyoming owned by NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Services. For almost 30 years, Energy Transportation Inc. has been setting the standard in oversized, overweight, and specialized Lifting and Transport solutions. Energy Transportation Inc. primarily provides service in the construction, mining, gas processing, power generation, and wind energy industries, operating in all 50 states, as well as Western Canada. Energy Transportation Inc. operates specialized heavy-haul tractors and trailers, as well as dual lane transport up to 24 axles. Our specialized heavy-haul services provide load-handling capabilities in excess of 2 million pounds.


With our fleet of hydraulic and conventional cranes, we have the capabilities to satisfy practically every need. We operate all-terrain, truck mount, rough terrain, and carry-deck hydraulic cranes with capacities ranging from 9 tons - 600 tons. We also operate lattice boom crawler cranes with capacities ranging from 230 tons - 660 tons. The versatility of these machines combined with the talent and proven expertise of our personnel, will ensure the project will be successfully completed in a safe and timely fashion.


The combined experience, knowledge, and teamwork which is our company, is second to none. We are constantly studying each project to find the most suitable solution for the customer's needs, in regards to safety and economics.


We believe first class, late-model equipment + trained, certified people = results that will have a lasting effect on our customer relations.

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Why Choose Us

  • An extensive fleet of equipment that offers economical solutions.
  • A safe completion of your project is our number one priority.
  • First class, late model equipment with no unit exceeding 8 years old.
  • Providing jobs for over 200 men and women.
  • Versatile equipment combined with talent and proven expertise.
  • Results that create a lasting effect on our customer relations.


It was a pleasure working with Energy Transportation Inc. on the Highway 6 Bridge Removal Project in Dotsero, CO.  The ETI operation was well planned including detailed rigging and crane layout drawings.  As an engineering firm, we were much more confident in the operation knowing that the crane company had planned things to that level of detail.  We don’t come across that level of planning from a crane company very often.  On bridge removal day, there was a high level of professionalism and camaraderie amongst the ETI crew.  They were fun to work with, but maintained a safe environment and focus on getting the job done.
Reuben Zylstra, P.E., Foothills Bridge Co
I wanted to congratulate you and the team on a successful project at Dyno Nobel Plant in Cheyenne, WY. The Energy Transportation crew, in its entirety, displayed the most professional and safety conscious activities I have ever seen in my 35 years of experience. I have worked with dozens of crane companies all over the United States and I have never seen any company better. From your sales and support, to scheduling, lift planning, and site execution, I was absolutely amazed. The supervision of every lift done is commended. I say this from first-hand experience of being on the job and seeing it with my own eyes. It just does not get any better than that.
Titus D. Roberts, Project Manager, The Roberts Company
I worked with Nick developing the lift plans for a series of critical lifts – these were complicated lifts using multiple cranes, loads that had to be carried and flown over high value structures in tricky, high wind conditions.  Nick’s plans provided the crew with the tools to perform at very high levels. Well Done!
Gary Karaff, Project Manager, A-Lert Construction Services
You have a very strong employee safety program at Energy Transportation starting with good hiring practices and a comprehensive safety training program. You have a thorough job safety analysis process in place. An employee safety meeting is held every morning at 6:00am. You have experienced managers who have extensive knowledge. You believe in operating late-model equipment. Pre-project planning is part of every lift and move. It was a pleasure working with you.
Marlin Buse, Sr. Risk Engineering Consultant, Zurich